Florence by Mills – Reviewing the Products

Ever since Stranger Things came out, I have loved Millie Bobby Brown. She is such a great actress and I think that she is a great role model for young kids her age! Whenever I saw that she was coming out with a skincare/makeup line, I knew I had to try out some of the items! I didn’t purchase the whole line but I am going to review the products that I did buy!


  • Magic Micellar Cleansing Gel – You can use this product as a face cleanser or a makeup remover. Personally, I would recommend using it as a makeup remover because the formula is super thin. I am a makeup wipe girl, so I probably wouldn’t use this again. However, it does leave the skin looking super clear!


  • Mind Glowing Peel Off Mask – This mask is one of the more gentle peel off masks that I’ve used. Some peel off masks will put me in tears when removing it and this one is just the opposite! It leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing. I really like it!


  • Dreamy Dew Moisturizer – I love this moisturizer! It has a nice, subtle smell and it is super lightweight. It leaves the skin looking dewy (hence the name) and feeling hydrated. I already used all of my tube and I will definitely be repurchasing this!


  • Get That Grime Face Scrub – This product also has a really nice, subtle smell. It does a great job of exfoliating the skin!


  • One Swipe Glow Wipe Treatment Pads – I LOVE these. I use these on days that I am leaving the house with no makeup on. It helps my skin feel super clean and leaves it looking fresh and glowy. This product is definitely a new staple for me!


  • Zero Chill Face Mist – This is my new favorite face spray! I go back and forth between using this spray and the One Swipe Glow Wipe Treatment Pads. I like using the spray just as the wipes, on days that I am leaving the house without makeup on. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and looking bright and super glowy! Again, definitely another new staple!


  • Clean Magic Face Wash – This product burned my face just slightly. It’s the consistency of lotion which I liked a lot. Whenever it came time to rinse it off, I could feel significantly less product on my face which led me to believe that it really soaked into my skin and cleansed it deeply.


  • Built To Lash Mascara – I love this mascara! It makes my eyes pop and has a gentle applicator. This is definitely a new go-to product for me! It actually made it into my top makeup picks post which you can find here.


  • Glow Yeah Lip Oil – I am obsessed with this! I became a fan of lip oils when I first bought one from one of the Zoella Beauty lines. This is now one of my favorite everyday products!


  • See You Never Concealer – I love the application for this! However, I typically use a heavier concealer as my “foundation”, meaning this wasn’t enough coverage for me. For someone who uses all over foundation, I could see this concealer being perfect for under the eyes!!


  • Swimming Under The Eyes Gel Pads – I’m not a huge fan of these. I like them, I have just used eye masks that are much better. I will finish them off but I don’t think I would repurchase these.


  • Like A Light Skin Tint – I actually purchased everything back when I was still using foundation. Even though I no longer am, I was still going to give this a try considering I had already bought it. This product still wasn’t quite enough coverage for me. If you are someone who actually just wants a “light skin tint”, this is perfect for you!


Overall, I am very impressed with this brand. I have found quite a few things that I feel will be a part of my routine for a long time and I am very excited to try anything new that she comes out with!

Is there a specific product from this brand that is your favorite? Share it with me in the comments!

xoxo, sav

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