Monthly Favorites

I am back again with another monthly favorites! In all honesty, this is more like a “First Half of the Year Favorites”. I cannot believe it is already over halfway into 2020. Time really does go by way too fast. Regardless of everything going on in this crazy world that we live in, here are some things that I have been loving the first handful of months!

Reading – I have really been into reading lately! I typically choose one poetry book and one actual chapter book to read at a time. I recently finished “Milk and Honey” and “Quidditch Through the Ages” (yes, I’m a nerd). Currently, I’m reading “soft thorns” and “The Gratitude Diaries”.


Working Out – I have recently gotten back into working out and I am loving every bit of it. I have decided to not put any real pressure on myself and just work out on the days that I have the energy to! I am finding that since doing this, I have stayed on top of it and have done workouts almost every single day!

Singing/Music – I ALWAYS love to sing and I ALWAYS love to listen to music but sometimes it just hits different and recently it has been like that for me. Music is literally one of the greatest things on the planet.

TikTok – Even when TikTok first blew up, I didn’t even have it downloaded… For MONTHS. Somehow, I was eventually convinced to download the app and I found myself scrolling for 3+ hours. It is insane. Now I am obsessed with scrolling through and sometimes even learning the “hot” new dances. I’ve never actually made a TikTok, though.

Safe + Fair Birthday Cake Granola – I used to always see ads on Instagram for this brand and its products. One day, a girl I went to school with posted about how delicious this granola was and it convinced me to go ahead and give it a try. I typically love anything birthday cake flavored, and I was actually in the market for a good granola to use as a topping for my smoothie bowls. This truly is delicious and it is decently priced. I highly recommend this!!


Iced Coffee… To be specific, COLD BREW!!! – Iced coffee is just so amazing. I recently tried cold brew and I became obsessed instantly. I drink it almost every single day now. It is so incredible. I honestly feel like I could talk about cold brew coffee forever, as crazy as it sounds. If you are an iced coffee drinker, I highly suggest trying cold brew! The kind I use is pictured below!


Podcasts – I’ve been listening to podcasts for quite some time now, but I’ve been going through this kick of always wanting to listen to one. My favorite podcasts are Zane and Heath Unfiltered and The Basement Yard.

Cleaning & Getting Rid of Stuff/Downsizing – As I was packing all of my stuff up for the big move, I realized that I had so much stuff that I truly didn’t need. I decided to downsize and get rid of a bunch of stuff; and I’m glad I did! I have always loved being able to get rid of things, so it made me really happy to “let go” of so many items! Also, since I’ve lived in my own home, I find myself quite obsessed with cleaning. I always make sure that everything stays in order!

Shopping for my New House!!!! J – I have been absolutely LOVING buying stuff for my house! It is SO invigorating to get cute new things, even if its items that we need, such as kitchen appliances. It makes me so happy and keeps me excited!

Shoes – I have a newfound obsession with shoes for some reason. I have bought 6 pairs of shoes so far this year… I might have a problem…

The Budget Mom – One of my cousins introduced me to this YouTube channel. I have always been very interested in budgeting, especially now that I moved out and have more bills to pay. I watched all of her YT videos, explored her blog page, and ended up purchasing her budget by paycheck workbook. I just started my budgeting journey this month so stay tuned for updates on how that is going!!!

Bic Soleil Sensitive Advanced Disposable Razors – I needed another razor so I threw these ones in my cart with one of my Ulta orders. It is the best decision I could have made. These razors are AMAZING. They are so smooth and they shave so smooth. These are definitely my forever razors (for now).

What have you been loving lately? Comment down below!

xoxo, sav

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