Ways to Help with Stress & Anxiety (Pt. 2)

As someone who deals with both stress and anxiety, I love hearing ways that other people find helpful when trying to cope with these common issues. I have made one of these posts before, but since then I have found a good bit of other things that I go to that seem to help me. I figured I would share these things with you guys!

  • Take a shower – As crazy as this sounds, this essential daily task really helps me feel better when I’m stressed out or am feeling anxious. Taking a hot shower, having clean, freshly washed hair, and having a clean and refreshed face and body just really helps keep me sane. It makes me feel like a new person in a way!
  • Get some rest and chill out – Sometimes I feel the need to just lay down and “chillax”, and that is okay! Our minds tend to tell ourselves that we should never rest and that we should feel lazy for even thinking about resting at a time other than bedtime. This is not the case and resting is very much needed sometimes outside of that!
  • Have some of your favorite comfort food – For me, that is a big bowl of ice cream and if I’m in the mood for greasy food, McDonald’s. We tend to put ourselves down for eating food that is “bad”, but sometimes we need that! My go-to ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough (preferably Breyer’s) and I douse it with chocolate magic shell, rainbow sprinkles, and caramel. My go-to greasy meal from McDonald’s, which is not my typical “everyday” order, would be a quarter pounder with cheese (no onions, extra pickles), french fries, and sweet tea!
  • Controlled breathing – This is so important when it comes to having panic attacks. I am very lucky to be on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to having panic attacks. I would say on average, I maybe have them once every two months. However, during more stressful times, that number increases. I do know that I definitely have less than some others, and for that, I am thankful. There aren’t many things that help with full blown anxiety attacks, but slow, controlled breathing is 100% one of those things.
  • Cleaning/decluttering – Cleaning helps me cope so much, especially with stress. I also love finding stuff that I no longer need and can get rid of. It’s kind of odd but it’s like, invigorating for me!
  • Create a daily task for the upcoming week – For me, this is exercising. Fitness is something that I have always struggled with holding onto. I will have random kicks of “I need to work out and be healthy”, but more often than not, I tend to fall off the trail. Whenever I’m feeling anxious and stressed, I love setting a workout schedule for myself. I will plan out workouts for the next few following days, and following the schedule really helps put some routine back into my life. Not to mention, sweating out toxins is great for dealing with stress!!
  • Watch YouTube, Netflix, or put in a movie – There is nothing like watching your favorite YouTuber, your favorite movie, or your favorite TV show on Netflix whenever you’re stressed out and feeling anxious. I truly believe that it soothes the soul. You can just watch a little bit or binge ‘til you feel better. Either way, I always find it very helpful.

These are a handful of things that help me the most whenever I am feeling stressed out and anxious. It is different for everybody, so comment below some things that help you and don’t forget to check out part one of this post!

xoxo, sav

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