Best Photo & Video Editing Apps

If I’m being honest, I almost always put filters on my photos and videos. Here lately, I’ve starting using them less and less, but I still throw one on a picture here and there to give it a little something extra. In this post I will be sharing with y’all which photo and video editing apps I love!

Huji Cam – This is my FAVORITE photo app. It’s actually a picture-taking app. It puts the most beautiful effect on your picture once you’ve taken it. I highly recommend this one!

David’s Disposable – I just recently downloaded this app but I like it a lot! This one is again, a picture-taking app. Once you take the picture, you have to wait until the next day to see it so that it can “develop”. It gives your photos that disposable camera effect which always turns out pretty cute!

Instasize – This is my go-to app for cropping my pictures to fit Instagram. This is really all I use it for now. I don’t really use the filters on there anymore.

VSCO – I LOVE the filters on here. This is my go-to app for any pictures that I want to throw a filter on. They have a HUGE variety and they are all so pretty and unique!

Filmm – This app has the most beautiful filters to put on videos! It just gives the video such an artsy vibe.

Boomerang – I love making Boomerang videos because I think that they are just so cute! You can take a quick little shot that gets straight to the point! It gives a little something that a picture doesn’t, but isn’t too drawn out at the same time!

Are there any photo/video editing apps that you would recommend?

xoxo, sav

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