Meeting Tim Tebow

I’ve been a huge Tim Tebow fan since he started playing football for Florida. I’m from South Carolina and I am a Gamecocks fan above all, but my second team is the Florida Gators! My dad is a Florida fan, which is where I get it from. He spent many years there growing up, as his entire family lives there.

As many people know, Tebow took on a career in baseball. He ended up playing in the Minor Leagues for my city’s team… The Columbia Fireflies. This was so exciting for my family and I. Not only do we love Tim Tebow, but we LOVE baseball. We immediately starting going to games just so we could see him play!

After certain games, you could wait in line to meet the players, including Tim Tebow. The first time we ever waited in line, we weren’t even close to making the cut. We then realized that we had to start lining up towards the end of the game to be able to even have a chance, and not wait until after the game is over.

The second time we waited in line, the line got cut off right in front of us. I literally cried. I was sooo upset and that just made me even more determined to get up there and meet him!

The third time, of course, was the charm! As soon as we saw a line forming, we got out of our seats and ran up there to wait. I believe it was at the end of the 4th inning. We very luckily got to meet multiple players, including Tim Tebow, and we got to have them sign something and take a picture with us! It was awesome! Although, for some reason, I got starstruck. It was almost like I just could not form any words. All I was able to say was “Thank you!” after he took a picture with me and then I started tearing up as I walked away. It sounds ridiculous but I was sooo happy!!


I cropped myself out of the picture because I had been out in the heat all day and was very gross-looking and sweaty. But that shoulder in the corner, that’s me! He was touching ME!! I look back now and laugh at the whole experience, but I am very glad that I got to meet Tim Tebow!

What celebrity do you think you would be starstruck over? Have you ever met a celebrity?

xoxo, sav

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