December Favorites

I am back for Blogmas Day 21… In January…. My explanation for that is that I have a super busy work schedule and mental health is an important thing. The rest should explain itself. I know that Christmas has passed, but I will be sure to make up all of the days, however, even if it means making multiple posts in one day. So here we go! This one will be a favorites post where I talk about what I’ve been loving over the past month!

Christmas Lights – One of my favorite things to do each year around Christmastime is drive around and look at Christmas lights. Whether it is in the neighborhoods around town or a display at a place of business, it is always a hit.

Exchanging Gifts – I love giving gifts to people. It is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I love seeing the faces of people when they are opening gifts from me, and I also love seeing how excited people get to give me their gifts. It is just all-around such a happy and fun experience.

Spending time with Family – The holidays mean family time. I love this cherished time of year where I get to see pretty much all of my family members and spend quality time. It is the best!

Music – I love music always, but I have found myself this past month constantly wanting my headphones in!

Reading – I’m going through one of those reading phases where I have a hankering to read every day. I wish I could stick with it forever! I really do love it when I actually make myself do it.

Clearing Out – I’ve been going through all of my stuff lately and getting rid of as much as I can. Although, it seems as if no matter how much I get rid of, I still feel the same amount of clutter around me.

Future Plans – This has been on my favorites list for many months in a row now. I have a super exciting post coming VERY soon on just what these future plans are. Be sure to look out for it!! J

What have you been loving recently?

xoxo, sav

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