Christmas Gift Ideas: Mom

I am back for Blogmas Day 9…. On the 17th…. My explanation for that is that I have a super busy work schedule and mental health is an important thing. The rest should explain itself. I will be sure to make up all of the days, however, even if it means making multiple posts in one day. So here we go! Today I will be making a list of gift ideas for moms!

Experiences – A mother/daughter dinner and a movie date, a mani/pedi date, etc.

Gift Cards – Gift cards are perfect for moms because they never buy stuff for themselves! If you get them a gift card to their favorite clothing store or coffee shop, it will be perfect!

Self-Care Items – Nail polish, bath bombs, bath salts, bubble bath, etc.

Personalized Items – I feel like a good go-to would be a blanket with all of their kids names or initials, or a piece of jewelry with all of their kids birthstones.

Picture Frames – The ones that say “family” and things like that are always good for moms. They love having pictures around the house.

Wall Art – Find something that matches the theme of your mom’s house that she can hang on the wall!

What gift ideas would you recommend for moms? Comment down below!

xoxo, sav

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