Christmas Gift Ideas: Grandparents

I am back again with another list of Christmas gift ideas! This time I have decided to focus on grandparents!

Homemade Items – I gave my grandparents something homemade almost every year growing up. I would always make some sort of craft that matched each holiday and give it to them! Whether it was an ornament, a magnet, a bookmark, or a picture frame, they always loved it! Grandparents go nuts over stuff that their grandchildren make for them.

Photos – My grandparents would love getting pictures of the grandkids. Whether we just printed out the pictures at CVS, or put some in picture frames, they loved to have them to be able to look through.

Something with all of their grandchildren’s names on it – Maybe something that can be added onto as new ones are welcomed into the family. A blanket, maybe!

Everyone’s grandparents are different, but I feel like the things listed here are items that all grandparents are bound to love! Do you have any ideas on what to gift to grandparents? Leave them in the comments!

xoxo, sav

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