Most Memorable Christmas Gifts

During Blogmas last year, one of my cousins gave me the idea to post about my most memorable Christmas gift thus far. I had already had all of my posts planned out at that point, but I figured I could save it for this year! Shout out to Michelle, thanks for the great idea!

I have a few Christmas gifts that really stick out in my mind as super memorable ones.

The first one that I can remember would probably be my first real bike – no training wheels. I’m not sure what year that was, but it was purple, pink, and white and I absolutely loved it! I used to ride it up and down the street all the time. That was a time when kids still really played outside. Such a good gift! I miss that bike…

The next one would have to be the first time my parents gave us a shopping spree. It was the first year that my dad had received a bigger bonus from work, and so he gave each of us kids $200 (I think it was $200) to spend. We just thought that was the coolest thing ever. Looking back, I totally should’ve saved that $200 for bills in my adult life. With Christmas coming up, I could deffffffinitely have used that this month!

The last one that really comes to mind would be concert tickets to see Justin Bieber. I know, it’s so cliché, but that was probably the most ecstatic I have EVER been about a gift in my whole life. I can literally still see exactly how it played out whenever I opened the present. First off, it was CRAZY to me that Justin Bieber was coming to Columbia, South Carolina to begin with. We have had great people tour here, but obviously Justin Bieber was a big deal back then and I felt like we were just such a no-name city. My parents had it wrapped as a big box. And inside that box, was a box. And inside that box, was a box – you get the point. Finally I got to the last small box and inside of it were the concert tickets. I SCREAMED. I CRIED. I felt allllll the feelings! Just writing about it now is making me feel sooooo nostalgic. That has got to be the best materialistic gift I have ever received in my life. Ever. Thank you mom for getting us tickets to see JB and thank you for sitting through his 3 hour concert filled with screaming teenagers. You’re the best!

I would love to hear what your most memorable Christmas gift is! Leave a comment down below!

xoxo, sav

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  1. A few gifts come to mind when I think about the most memorable. Coincidentally, they’re all pieces of jewelry and I don’t even care for jewelry anymore. The most memorable one is a ring. I was 14 years old and there was a ring that I wanted really badly. It was a gold ring with praying hands and a cross in the middle. My mom did that thing she always did and told us we weren’t getting much for Christmas, funds were tight, blah blah. I never in a million years expected to get that ring. I knew she didn’t have the means to but it. But my mom did buy me that ring and it was the most unexpected and memorable gift I’ve ever gotten. Of course, I still have it.

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