November Favorites

Hey, y’all! It’s that time of year again. It is December 1st, which means… BLOGMAS! Not only do I WANT to participate in Blogmas again this year, I have had a few of my followers request it! So, here goes the first post! We’re kicking it off with a good ole favorites post where I tell you what I’ve been loving over the past month!

Christmas Music – Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE to sing. I literally sing nonstop. I’ve been trying to get in the Christmas spirit by singing Christmas songs. You can never go wrong with Christmas music!

Family Time – I love my family. I have always and will always love my family. Here lately, I have really been cherishing the time that I spend with them. Family time is SO important.

Christmas Movies – Big shocker, I’ve already been putting Christmas movies on while I’m around the house. Even if I am actually being productive, I will have one on in the background. I’m actually watching Elf right now!

Cozy Days In – Basically every off day that I’ve had over the past month I’ve wanted to do absolutely nothing. It has been stay in my pajamas, put on Christmas movies, and just chill. It’s been amazing, I must say.

Coffee – I do like coffee, but I wouldn’t consider myself a huge coffee person. I’ve found myself drinking it a lot here lately. Maybe it’ll stick…?

Burning Candles – I am obsessed with candles as is, but lately I literally never have one NOT lit. Candles. Are. Life!

Reading – I‘ve gotten into reading again here lately. I do love to read, but I ALWAYS go through phases of whether or not I am actually going to read.

Comfort Foods – For some reason, I have only wanted to be eating foods that I consider as comfort foods lately. Ya know, the stuff that’s super greasy and terrible for you. So that’s just great. J

Buying Christmas Gifts – I love buying gifts for people. It is literally one of my favorite things to do. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping now and boy, have I had so much fun picking out gifts!!

Future Plans – I know this has been on my list on the past several favorites posts, but it’s true! I’ve got some big, big plans and I just keep getting more and more excited for them!! Stay tuned to find out what they are!!

What have you been loving lately? Are you excited for Blogmas? What Blogmas posts would you like to see from me this year? Leave a comment below!!

xoxo, sav

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