My First Tattoo

Although tattoos don’t HAVE to have a meaning, I love hearing the stories behind everyone else’s. I got my first tattoo 4 years ago. I really wanted something to honor my grandparents. You can read all about what my grandparents mean to me here.

I had the idea to use the words off of an old birthday card that my granny had signed. I now have her handwriting on my body, which I think is pretty cool. I feel like my tattoo commemorates them perfectly. My granny loved butterflies and so I had a butterfly added next to the writing. I have it on my side, and it hurt surprisingly less than I thought it would.


I’ve wanted to get another one pretty much since the day after I got my first one. I keep putting it off, but I already have an idea of what I want to get next.

What’s the story behind your first tattoo?

xoxo, sav

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