Q&A – Beauty Edition

I found a Beauty Q&A on a fellow blogger’s site, and it made me want to do one myself. I altered the questions just a bit and added a few of my own. Here is the original post – Be sure to go check it out!

  1. Matte or shimmer bronzer?
    • Both! I am currently using a matte bronzer, but I have used a shimmer one before and I would use one again in the future!
  2. Blush or bronzer?
    • Bronzer! I don’t use blush anymore, as I already have naturally pink-toned cheeks.
  3. Do you wear a full face of makeup every day?
    • No! Although I do love makeup, I actually prefer not to wear it so that my skin stays clean and clear.
  4. Eyeshadow individuals or palettes?
    • Palettes!
  5. Sparkly eyeshadow or matte?
    • Both! I use sparkly on my eyelid and matte in my crease! I totally prefer sparkly, though.
  6. Lip gloss or lipstick?
    • Gloss!
  7. Setting spray or no setting spray?
    • Setting spray!!!! I cannot believe there was a time when I didn’t use setting spray. It works WONDERS!
  8. Top eyeliner, bottom eyeliner, or both?
    • Bottom. I used to wear top eyeliner yeeaaarrrsss ago, but then I realized that it looks sloppy on me so I stopped.
  9. Foundation or concealer?
    • Concealer all day. I have to be in desperate need in order to wear foundation. I am very fortunate to have great skin for the most part, meaning I don’t need tons of coverage.
  10. Fake eyelashes?
    • No, I have never worn them. I’m not interested in eyelash extensions, either. I would like to try a lash lift, though!
  11. Favorite beauty store?
    • Ulta!
  12. Makeup remover wipes or liquid?
    • Wipes!
  13. Are you clumsy with makeup?
    • YES. Nothing is ever perfect on the first application. And I’m also always trying to poke my eye out.
  14. Serum or moisturizer?
    • Both! I start my makeup routine by putting on serum, followed by moisturizer!
  15. Go-to drugstore brand?
    • Maybelline
  16. Favorite brush?
    • My new foundation brush. I use it for my concealer. It’s amazing!
  17. Neutral or bright eyeshadows?
    • Mostly neutral
  18. Do you contour?
    • Of course!
  19. Do you get your eyebrows waxed or threaded?
    • Waxed!
  20. What product can you not live without?
    • Concealer. I can go completely barefaced all day long, but sometimes I will be a little insecure about a blemish and need to throw some concealer on top!

What product can you not live without?? Leave it in the comments below! Until next time!

xoxo, sav

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