Milkshakes 2 Ways

I am a SUCKER for anything ice cream related. I love ice cream and I really love milkshakes! I tried a couple of new milkshakes and I wanted to share them with y’all!

OREO Milk Shake from here – This one was DELICIOUS!

Serves 4

You will need:

Chocolate syrup

8 OREO cookies

1 ½ cups milk

2 cups vanilla ice cream (softened)

Fill the bottom of each glass with chocolate syrup. Roll the glass around so that the syrup spreads down the sides of the glass.

Finely chop 4 OREOs and set them aside.

Quarter the remaining 4 OREOs and place in a blender. Add the milk and the ice cream. Blend until smooth.

Pour the milkshake into each glass and top with the chopped OREO cookies.


Malted Milkshake – I have always been interested in trying a malt, as I never have before. It was very creamy and made the shake itself a little too sweet for me.

Serves 1

You will need:

¾ cup milk

3 tablespoons malted milk powder

4 scoops vanilla ice cream

Mix the malted milk powder and the milk together in a cup.

Once mixed, pour in the blender. Add the ice cream and blend until smooth.


What are your go-to milkshake favorites?

xoxo, sav

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