Zoella Beauty Summer Range – Review

If you stay up to date with my beauty posts, you will know that I use a lot of Zoella Beauty products! I have watched Zoë on Youtube for years now, so anytime she releases new products, I always go and purchase the items that I would potentially use. She recently launched her summer range, which is sadly her last range for “Zoella Beauty”. This one being her last release, I obviously had to grab what I wanted quickly! The theme for this range was fruits!

Fruit Medley Body Mist – I love it! I have always been a HUGE fan of her body mists! It smells amazing!

Peach Body Sorbet – This smells amazing; just like peaches! It is super lightweight and it absorbs into the skin instantly. Love it!

Banana Foam Body Wash – This smells DELICIOUS! I am not a fan of foam body wash, I prefer foam products to be hand soap. I ended up gifting this to my sister!

Berry Jam Body Scrub – This smells AMAZING! It leaves the skin feeling super soft without leaving it oily, which I find to be a common trait with many scrubs.

Watermelon Lip Oil – This smells great and looks nice and glossy on. I will say, though, that the applicator on this one isn’t as soft as the one on the original lip oil which I first talked about here.

Tinted Berry Lip Oil – This one smells really good and has a soft applicator. However, the color is too dark for me so I will end up giving it away. It took a lot to get it off, for those who like lip products that don’t come off easily!

In this range there was also a pack of 3 rollerballs. I don’t use rollerballs, so I decided to not spend the money on it. However, I am sure the fragrances smell great if you are someone who likes using rollerballs!

Although this was a smaller range, I definitely liked it! I love the fruity theme for summertime.

What are your favorite beauty brands?

xoxo, sav

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