Monthly Favorites

It’s that time again to talk about what I’ve been loving over the past few months!

Side note: I cannot believe it’s already May!!

Warm weather – I love the warm weather! It was especially refreshing back in February where we would have super cold days and then turn around to a 70° day. I just love the sunshine!

Decluttering – I’m trying to wait for my spring cleaning weekend (yes, I set aside a weekend just for that) to get rid of stuff, but I’ve been doing it little by little and it feels great. I am so ready to start spring cleaning, though!! It’s so calming and relaxing for me to have an elaborate, deep clean.

Buying gifts for others – I love buying presents for my family and friends. I am most definitely one of those people who prefers giving gifts over receiving them!

FabFitFun – I’ve received two boxes from FFF so far, and I have continued to be obsessed with it. I have found so many products from FFF that I plan to use for a lifetime. I cannot wait to get my summer box!

Planning events for the year – I’ve already planned/have been planning a few events/parties for this year, and I just really love seeing my passion for it come out.

Working out & eating better – Though it makes me feel great, I still have trouble with falling off sometimes. The motivation here is VERY wishy-washy.

Marvel – Who isn’t loving the MCU right now? I’m watching all of the movies in the phase over again before I see Endgame. So now spoilers, please! J

Dreaming about vacation – I am going on another cruise this year, and I am so excited! Vacations are so good for every aspect of your life. It is so important to get away for a little while.

Staying motivated, having a plan, & seeing a future for myself – This is the most important “favorite” lately. I have felt really great about the future that I have for myself and can see it playing out in front of me. If that’s not some amazing motivation, I’m not sure what is!

What have you been loving lately? Comment below!

xoxo, sav

3 thoughts

  1. I’ve been enjoying yard work. Mowing the lawn, weed eating, blowing the walkways and patios, planting new flowers, and even pulling weeds. I find it very therapeutic. I do wish that I got to enjoy these things without insects, spiders, frogs, lizards, and bees and wasps. That would be a perfect world for me!

    I’m also dreaming of Fall and Winter already!

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  2. I would have to say that my favorite has been church and spending time with Donivan. I am really enjoying church with him and breakfast after. He calls me each night and we do a little bible study over the phone. I really love our discussions. I also am enjoying time with Nolan and Luke and Tinsley. They are growing up so fast. The progress that Nolan is making is amazing and a true miracle ! I have to agree with Michelle though, I am looking forward to fall and winter. 😀❄☃️

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