What are godparents?

It was always explained to me that your godparents were who takes care of you if something were to happen to your real parents. They would become your guardians, essentially.

I had godparents. They were my parents’ best friends. Derek and my dad worked together, and Leigh and my mom clicked as soon as they met. Leigh had Hannah a few months before my mom had me, making us the same age. Leigh had Taylor a few months before my mom had Sydney, making them the same age. This was really cool to us, because we both got to grow up with a “sister” that was our same age. We went to school together and we even lived in the same neighborhood, only one street over.

We used to hangout ALL the time. Either we were over at their house or they were over at ours. Eventually, they moved across town. Inevitably, that made the time that we spent together decrease more and more. Although we didn’t see each other as often, the love was still there. The thought of having two god sisters was still so cool, and the thought of having someone to take care of us if something bad ever happened to our parents was very comforting.

Of course, you never think something like that would ever happen. But for us, it did. In 2013, I didn’t lose my parents, but I did lose my godparents.

I still remember the way that I found out. I had just gotten back home from an INCREDIBLE week in Costa Rica for school. I was telling my family all about my experience, and once I finished telling them all the happy details of my trip, my dad told me the news. Derek and Leigh were in a motorcycle accident… and they didn’t make it.

In a matter of seconds, all that happiness was instantly drained. I truly could not believe it. No. There’s no way. My heart immediately felt for my god sisters. How must THEY be feeling right now? I cannot imagine losing a parent, let alone both, AND at the same time.

It’s still crazy to me, and years later, still VERY hard to believe. There, the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever known, gone in an instant. Of course, life gets in the way of spending time with those you love. We would always have those, “we really need to get together soon” chats, but never really MADE the time to see each other. That’s just proof – please hold onto those important in your life – and hold on tight. Keep them close. Tell them you love them. I can’t even remember the last time that I saw them before they passed, and those are the moments that are good to hold onto.

However, I do have all my memories of being with them when I was young. And I will hold onto those f o r e v e r. I am thankful to have had them in my life. So thankful.

Their funeral was beautiful. I’ve never seen so many people attend one in my life. It was nice to see that they really affected the lives of so many people, not just mine.

I wanted to share this story mainly so that people will remember to make time for those in your life. It’s so easy to not have time, but SO essential to MAKE the time. I wish we would have made more time with them.

RIP Derek and Leigh. You will forever be missed.

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