Zoella x Colourpop Collection Review

I have watched the Zoella YouTube Channel for as long as I can remember. I have always loved her content, as well as enjoyed seeing her share her thoughts on products that she has bought herself or that was gifted to her. When she started Zoella Beauty, I was on board immediately. I have used pretty much all of her products and have never been disappointed. When she announced that she would be doing a makeup collaboration with Colourpop, I was super excited to see what products she would have and how they would look. I decided to take a look at the range and buy the products that peaked my interest.

I really loved the theme of this range. The “Brunch Date” theme was super adorable and very creative! I love all of the brunchy details on the packaging!

Brunch Date Pressed Powder Shadow Palette – I LOVE the colors in this palette! They have just the right amount of pigmentation and they blend sooo smoothly.

@ Me Ultra Matte Lip & Little One Ultra Matte LipI don’t really wear lip product that has color very often. I will sometimes add a nude or pinky color for special occasions, and both of these matte lip products are the perfect shade for it!

Bellini Supernova Shadow* – I love this! The color is super pretty and it is easy to blend!

OG Supernova Shadow* – I wasn’t really a fan of this one. It doesn’t hold enough color to be worn alone, and I don’t like layering with cream eyeshadows. I will probably give this to someone else.

*Bought these as a duo here.

Swipe Right Pressed Powder Highlighter – This highlighter has yellow undertones which clashes with my skin. I will definitely give this to someone that I know it would look good on!

Soul Mate Pressed Powder Blush – There’s not a whole lot you can say about blush, but it is a lovely color!

XOXO Crème Gel Liner – Not a huge fan of the gel liner type, but it is the perfect shade of black and it is very long-lasting!

If I had to recommend only one product from this range, it would deffffinitely be the Brunch Date eyeshadow palette. The colors really are stunning, and they even have super cute names. The whole range is super affordable, which is probably what I like most about it!

There are a few more products in the range than what I reviewed here, as I only buy products that I know I would use.

What is your favorite eyeshadow palette from Colourpop? They all look amazing!

Be sure to follow me! I’ll be posting another Zoella review soon!

xoxo, sav

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