Hot Chocolate Recipes

I’m back in the kitchen again for this post making some yummy hot chocolate recipes! All of these were absolutely amazing, so let’s get right into it!

French Vanilla Hot Chocolate

This was literally just a packet of hot chocolate mix that I bought from my friend’s kid’s fundraiser! You just put the mix in a cup of hot milk or water and voila! It was absolutely amazing. It was very sweet though, so if you don’t like super sweet drinks, this one might not be for you.

Disney’s Frozen White Hot Chocolate (based off of this)

You Will Need:

½ Cup White Chocolate Chips

1 ¾ Cup Milk

¼ Tsp. Vanilla Extract

Blue Food Coloring

Whipped Cream

Frozen Inspired Sprinkles

In a small pot, heat the milk and white chocolate over a medium to high setting. Bring to a simmer, being sure to stir the whole time until all of the chocolate is melted. Be sure not to boil it!

Remove from the heat.

Stir in the vanilla and slowly add the food coloring until you get your desired color.

Serve with whipped cream and sprinkles on top.

This recipe was AMAZING. It was probably my favorite out of them all. Not only is it the prettiest, but it tastes the best too!

The Bald Man’s Workaholic’s Hot Chocolate (based off of this)

You Will Need:

2 Tbsp. Corn Starch

3 ½ Cups Milk

¼ Cup Sugar

2 Egg Yolks

1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract

1 ¼ Cups Semisweet Chocolate Chips

In a small bowl, whisk together the cornstarch and ½ a cup of milk.

Add the sugar and the egg yolks and whisk together.

In a large pan, bring 2 cups of milk to a simmer over low to medium heat.

Pour 1/3 of the hot milk into the yolk mixture and whisk together.

Then pour the yolk mixture back into the saucepan with the hot milk and whisk it all together.

Bring the mixture to a boil, being sure to whisk the whole time. Let it cook for 3 minutes.

Remove from the heat and add the vanilla. Whisk together.

Strain the custard through a mesh strainer into a large bowl.

For the hot chocolate, place the chocolate chips in a bowl.

In a small pan, bring 1 cup of milk to a simmer over medium heat.

Pour the hot milk over the chocolate chips and whisk until smooth.

Pour the hot chocolate into the vanilla custard and whisk to combine it all.

Divide the mixture into mugs and enjoy!

This was super delicious! It was very thick and rich, though, so I could only drink a little at a time.

I highly recommend all of these recipes. Let me know if you try any of these and comment what fun flavors of hot chocolate you like! I can’t believe I’ve already gotten this far with blogmas! December is just flying by!! There’s still more to come though, so be sure to stay tuned!!

xoxo, sav

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