Christmas Gift Ideas: Dogs

If you have a dog, I’m sure you like to get him/her at least one Christmas present. I normally try to get something for my dog. I’m going to jot down just a few ideas of good gifts for doggies!

Toys – You can’t go wrong with a cute toy for your little doggy to play with!

Dog Treats – Buy some or make some! I made some homemade dog treats for my dog, and he loved them!

Clothes (if your pup likes wearing them) – My dog hates clothes, but I know that some pups like wearing clothes.

Barkbox – This has been my go-to for the past several years. I buy a one-time box from Barkbox and end up getting a bit of everything! You can choose the size of your dog and it tailors what they send you. I highly recommend this for any pup!

Let me know what you like to get for your puppies! I hope you’re liking blogmas so far! Come back tomorrow for more!!

xoxo, sav

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