Great Christmas Movies on Netflix

I absolutely love movies. I love how many choices you get on Netflix, and not just for holiday films. The idea of watching a movie that looks interesting when you’ve never even heard of it before just excites me. These are the Christmas movies that I have watched and loved on Netflix.

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas – obviously! Such a classic!

Trolls Holiday – I love Trolls and when they came out with this little short, I jumped right on it. It’s so fun and humorous, even to an adult.

A Christmas Prince – Everyone raves over this movie and I now know why. I absolutely loved it!

The Princess Switch – This one is probably my favorite out of them all. I really enjoyed this movie a lot! Highly recommend!

El Camino Christmas – This move was kind of cheesy, but yet, so good. I couldn’t look away. It’s not often that thriller/action Christmas movies are made.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding – I think I liked the first one better, however, this one was still great!

Comment down below what Christmas movies you love that are on Netflix. Come back tomorrow for more blogmas!!

xoxo, sav

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