Apps to Help You Stay In Shape over the Holidays

I am all about eating tons of food during the holiday season. I am also all about trying to stay fit as much as possible. I am going to list out some of the apps that I recommend to help you stay fit during the holidays!

Studio Tone It Up: Workouts

Workout for Women: Fitness App

Butt Workout and Fitness App

Workout NOW 2019

30 Day Fitness

Charity Miles

Yummly Recipes + Shopping List

These fitness apps are my go-to for a quick workout! Best of all, they’re all FREE!

Charity Miles is perfect for the holiday season, mainly because it’s all about giving! It tracks your miles during cardio and donates a certain amount to a charity of your choice per mile you walk/jog/run!

The last one that I listed is a recipe app. They have an endless amount of delicious recipes that are quick, easy, and healthy!

Let me know if you use any of these apps, and comment any health and fitness apps that you would recommend! I’ll be back tomorrow for more Blogmas!!

xoxo, sav

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