Monthly Favorites

Welcome to day one of blogmas!! That’s right. A blog post every single day through Christmas! 26 days in a row of xoxo sav! I’ve decided to kick it off with a monthly favorites! This is where I tell you a few things that I’ve been loving lately.

  • Fall Weather – I have been looooving the fall weather! I love when I can wear long sleeve shirts and jeans but not be freezing cold or sweating to death. It’s like the temperature is just right!
  • Fall Décor – I love fall décor so much! Everything is so cute and always looks so perfect in homes!
  • Strawberry Peanut Butter Jif snacks – The first time I tasted these things, I was blown away. I do wish they had more strawberry pieces in them though, because that’s the best part!

  • Candles – I’ve always been obsessed with candles but it’s been pretty extreme lately. I ALWAYS have a candle burning!
  • Vanity Mirror – I recently got a new vanity mirror from Impressions Vanity. I am OBSESSED with it! The bright LED lighting is so perfect for putting makeup on. It connects to a stand that is soooo easy to put together and I have it sitting on top of my vanity. The light is dimmable and there is an outlet on the side to plug in your hair appliances! I love it! SUCH a good investment.
  • Christmas Gift Shopping – I have been loving Christmas shopping this year. I always love it, but I feel like I’m more in the Christmas spirit this go-round, which makes it so much more enjoyable and lovely to look forward to.
  • Christmas Baking – I love baking all together, but the idea of baking things that are Christmas themed, that’s even better! I’ve been trying lots of new recipes! Keep your eyes peeled for those blog posts! 😉

That’s everything that I’ve been loving over the past couple of months. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately! I cannot believe it’s already December!!! Come back tomorrow for day 2 of blogmas!

xoxo, sav

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