How to Help With Stress & Anxiety

I have struggled with anxiety for quite some time now with multiple different things in life. Most of the time it is brought on by stress. It really is the worst feeling and I would not wish it on my worst enemy (not that I have any). Over the years, I have come across multiple things that help me cope when I start to have this horrible feeling inside of me. I thought I would share some of those things with y’all, hoping that it will help you, too!

  • Candles! Burning candles are so relaxing and calming to me. I try to have a candle burning at all times to help give the space that I’m in that calm feeling. It’s not even a certain scent that helps, just the idea that a candle is burning.

  • Having a routine schedule. Although it is very difficult to upkeep, having a routine schedule helps sooooo much with my anxiety and stress. I am in the process now of trying to get my life back on track with a solid routine. Having a planner so that you are able to write every single thing out is super helpful with this as well.
  • Exercising. This sort of ties into having a routine schedule. Make exercising a part of that schedule. It relieves so much stress which is what can cause certain anxieties a lot of the time.
  • Meditating. I cannot stress enough how amazing meditating is. This is, again, something to fit into that routine schedule. I do not meditate enough and every time I end up doing it, I always think about how I should do it more often. There are so many apps that help and provide guided meditations. Headspace is a really good one!
  • A bath. Baths are the most relaxing things in the world. There is nothing better to me than taking a hot bath. I love adding bubbles or bath bombs to make it colorful and fun. It is so good for the body and mind and it really just takes all of your worries away.

  • Sudoku, reading, and coloring. These leisurely activities are so great for calming the mind and relieving all that weight that just pounds on your mind and body while feeling stressed and anxious. Right now I’m reading the Harry Potter series, have a full Sudoku book ready to be solved, and an endless collection of adult coloring books all ready to grab the second I get in that blah mood.
  • Journaling. Journaling is another one of those things that I don’t do nearly enough but every time I do, I wonder why I don’t do it more. It is amazing to me how healing and beneficial writing in a journal every day is. You should reaaalllly try it out.
  • Music. To me, there is no better therapy than music. No matter what genre, you just put on what you’re in the mood for and you just listen, or sing, or whatever tickles your fancy. And no I’m not British, I just love British slang.

These are just a few things that really help me when I am feeling helpless. I hope this will help some of you as well. Please leave a comment down below with any suggestions for me to try out! I would love to hear what helps other people with these issues.

xoxo, sav

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