My Nighttime Skincare Routine

As I mentioned in my daytime skincare routine post, I am really into taking care of my skin. I have come across some really awesome nighttime products that work great for me and I figured I would share them with y’all! I tend to have pretty sensitive skin and none of these products have ever had an adverse reaction on me.

Eye cream – I put on first every night

  • I use the Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream. I first bought this when I was having trouble with my eyelids drying out from my makeup and I’ve loved it ever since! I put it on my eyelids and underneath my eyes and it really helps keep my eye area bright and hydrated.

Serum – I use every night before moisturizer

  • My go-to nighttime serum is the FAB Skin Lab Retinol Serum. It only takes the smallest amount of product so it lasts a long time. It helps even skin tone, clear acne, and it gives your skin an overall healthy glow!

Moisturizer – I use every night after serum

Lips – I put on last every night

  • My favorite lip product is the Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Healing Lip Balm. I have the worst luck with getting chapped lips and this product works wonders! Even when my lips aren’t chapped, it helps keep them protected and feeling super soft and smooth!

I would recommend all of these products but keep in mind what works on my skin may not work on yours. Let me know if you try out any of these amazing products and tell me what you think of them!

xoxo, sav

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