Easter Crafts

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted but I’m back this week with something super fun! Easter is coming up and I thought this would be the perfect time to do some Easter related crafts!

The first thing I came across was so much fun! It is perfect for kids and can really be done any time of the year. Choose a day that you cook eggs for breakfast and you’re good to go!

“Paint on a Canvas” found from: http://onelittleproject.com/easter-crafts-for-kids/

You will need:

Eggs (I used 6)

Acrylic paint (assorted colors)

Tissue paper


Canvas (any size)

You want to start with the eggs. When you crack them, use a butter knife to break the shell at the top. Pull away the shell until you have a hole big enough to allow the yolk to pass through.

Once the eggs are emptied, wash them out with soap and water and allow them to dry.

Once dry, fill each egg with paint.

Cover each egg with tissue paper and tape it.

Now, the fun starts! Grab an egg and throw it at the canvas! I sat my canvas against the porch so that it would stand up straight. I was able to throw each egg 2-3 times before all the paint came out!

Once done, let your canvas dry and voila! You have your masterpiece!

The next craft I made was an “Easter Bunny Garland” found from: https://diycandy.com/pom-pom-bunny-tail-easter-garland/

You will need:

White yarn

Various scrapbook pages (I used 6)


Mod podge

You will first need to print out the free template given on the website listed above. This will allow you to trace the bunny on each piece of your scrapbook paper.

Once the bunny is traced on each page, you can now cut each one out.

Next you will make the pom pom tails with the yarn and glue one to each of the bunnies using the mod podge. If you aren’t familiar with how to make pom poms, the website listed above gives written directions and has a link to a YouTube video to show you how to do it!

Once the tails are glued on and dried, you can then cut a piece of yarn at your desired length and use the mod podge to glue the bunnies to it. Once all bunnies are glued on, use tape to hang the garland on a wall and you have an awesome DIY Easter decoration!

The last craft I did was by far my favorite!

Easter Egg Bath Bombs found from: https://momfoodie.com/easter-egg-bath-bombs/

Makes: 5 bath bombs

You will need:

½ cup Epsom salts

1 cup baking soda

1/3 cup corn starch

½ cup citric acid

1 tablespoon almond oil

1 teaspoon water

Food coloring

½ teaspoon essential oil (I used lavender)

Plastic wrap

Plastic eggs (for molds)

Mix together Epsom salts, baking soda, corn starch, and citric acid.

In a separate bowl, mix the almond oil, water, and essential oil.

Add the wet mixture to the dry and mix well.

Divide mixture into separate bowls to add food coloring and cover each one with plastic wrap immediately. This is to keep the mixture from drying out.

One bowl at a time, add about 6 drops of food coloring and mix well. Recover the mixture right after.

Fill each plastic egg in the sequence of your liking. Make sure that one side is evened out and one side is overfilled just a little. Close plastic eggs carefully.

Leave mixture in plastic egg molds for an hour and then carefully remove.

Gently place the bath bombs on a towel and leave overnight to dry.

Your bath bombs are now ready to use! Drop 1 in warm bath water and watch it fizz!

Let me know if you decide to make any of these fun Easter crafts! Check back next week for some delicious Easter Treats!

xoxo, sav

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