5 Bath Time Essentials

I am the type of person who looooves to take baths. They are so relaxing and just help with basically everything. Sickness, stress, muscle aches, you name it! As a bath lover, I am always trying out new products so I figured this week I would tell y’all about five of my favorites!
A bath time must have for me is a candle. I like to light a candle every time I take a bath because it really helps put me in that relaxed mood. My favorite candle to use is Lazy Days by Zoella. It is the perfect bath time scent and it pairs well with pretty much all bubble baths! This is definitely one of those candles that I burn all year long.

When it comes to baths, I really love anything that fizzes! Besides bath bombs, there are so many great fizz bars that do the job without all the color and glitter added. Sometimes I’m not feeling all that extra stuff and one of my go-to fizz bars is the Zoella Fizz Bar. You just drop two squares in and watch them fizz! It has a very fresh scent which I think is perfect for a bath!

My favorite pairing of a candle and a bubble bath would be the Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Bubble Bath and Candle. The scent is eucalyptus spearmint and it is just so soothing. It really helps me clear my head and helps get rid of unwanted stress. It’s perfect to come home to after those long days of work.

There are two other bubble baths that I always find myself reaching for. The first one would be Scooper Dooper by Zoella. You literally just scoop it out with your hand and run it under the water. It gives you just enough bubbles and is very relaxing.

The last one I’m going to talk about is the Bath Latte by Zoella (seeing a pattern here?). This is by far one of my all-time favorite scents. The scent is a mixture of almond, cacao, and honey and it is amazing. I am obsessed with it. With this one, you just pour some under the running water and watch the bubbles form. The packaging for this one is also really cute!

If you are a bath lover yourself, I highly recommend trying these products! If you do, be sure to let me know what you think!!
xoxo, sav

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